Examples on how to embed the EUSBSR into Partnership Agreements and Operational Programmes

You will find here below recommendations and best practices on how to better embed the EUSBSR into Partnership Agreements and Operational Programmes for the next programming period 2014-2020. The below documents should serve as guidance and inspiration for EUSBSR stakeholders in embedding the objectives, Policy Areas and Horizontal Actions of the EUSBSR Action Plan into the Partnership Agreements and Operational Programmes.

Embedding of the EUSBSR into the ESIF programmes: approach in Lithuania

Ministry of Agriculture - Lithuania: Recommendation on how to align the rural development programmes with the objectives of the EUSBSR

Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth: Transnational cooperation in the ESI Operational Programmes - Coordination and corporation activities in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

Southern Finland - How ERDF can contribute to the EUSBSR?

Baltic Sea Network-ESF - Proposal for common themes for synchronized calls in the ESF linked to the EUSBSR in the Baltic Sea Region

Pomorskie Region - Pomorskie Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020

Examples on governance

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Poland: Activities of the Polish National Working Team on EUSBSR in 2012 - Report for the Chairman of the Committee for European Affairs (in Polish) - Summary (in English)

Pomorskie region Pomorskie region embedding EUSBSR (powerpoint)

Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth: The Swedish structure for the implementation of the EUSBSR

Priority Area Tourism: ToR - International Steering Committee for PA Tourism

Priority Area Safe: ToR - International Steering Committee for PA Safe

Examples provided by flagships

Focus on health economy in the Baltic Sea Region can create new jobs in a growing and stable industry, reduce costs of health care challenged by demographic ageing and provide better health care. The EUSBSR flagship 'BSHR HealthPort' to achieve these ambitious goals released an innovation agenda 'Driving cross-sectoral innovation in health and life sciences' during the annual summit for the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy 11th to 12th November 2013 in Vilnius.

Position paper “EU Cohesion Policies and the Importance of Macro-Regions and Regional Clusters for Smart Growth and Smart Specialization” by the EUSBSR Flagship project "ScanBalt BioRegion".

Papers on "Networks for smart specialization" and "Macro-region for innovations" by the EUSBSR flagship 'BSR Stars'.

A short summary of the Baltic Stern report, looking into the economics of reaching the nutrient reduction targets set by Helcom for the Baltic Sea region countries. The report highlights that the welfare gains for the Baltic Sea Region as a whole outweighs the cost of measures needed to reduce the nutrient reduction targets. More information here.

Please find more examples on good practices in the section of "Success stories" of the EUSBSR Newsletter here.