SuMaNu project was an Interreg Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Programme Project Platform (a cluster of multiple projects) that took place between October 2018 and September 2021. SuMaNu aimed to mitigate eutrophication of the Baltic Sea by retaining valuable nutrients in food production.
The EU has identified the blue growth sector as one of the most promising for sustainable economic growth in the Baltic Sea Region. Fish production in the Baltic Sea does not reach its full potential due to human activities, such as overfishing, pollution, exploitation of coastal habitats, and physical deterioration of coastal rivers.
Clothing designed for a particular line of work can be an asset to working conditions and bring an extra value. Work clothes protect person's health at work and allow them to accomplish tasks more easily and feel more comfortable when doing so.Some professionals, such as firefighters, construction and chemical industry personnel, military force representatives, etc. cannot do their daily tasks without special uniforms.
There are several widely known science organisations and industrial companies specialised in geophysics, geology, and underground construction in the Baltic Sea region, yet numerous underground laboratories in the region are not utilised to their full potential. Therefore, the Interreg Baltic Sea Region co-funded project Empowering Underground Laboratories Network Usage (EUL) was created as a tool to get more attention to the topic, and to continue the work done during the Baltic Sea Underground Innovation Network (BSUIN).
The strength of PA Ship & Safe in the midst of other regional cooperation fora is the strong ability to support transnational cooperation by focusing on project-based policy dialogue. Through cross border cooperation and by using the Baltic Sea as a test bed for policy makers, the industry and academia can find innovative solutions to the real problems facing us all.
All the countries united by the EUSBSR have a connection to the Baltic Sea. Baltic Sea - an arm of the North Atlantic Ocean – is a key object that brings all BSR countries together. No wonder that Baltic Sea is important to all of us. One of the EUSBSR objectives is to “Save the sea”.
In May 2021, the European Commission published its new strategy for a Sustainable Blue Economy. As the European Green Deal and the SDG agenda call for a transformation of the EU’s economy, the SBE Strategy takes a holistic approach to the EU’s blue economy.
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