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Innovation is Better if Delivered Together

Written by  Zane Šime, Communication & Research Coordinator at the CBSS Secretariat

The period of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) promotion campaign (marked with #EUSBSRBetterTogether) has been an exciting time for Baltic TRAM, a project which is part of the Baltic Science Link flagship of the Policy Area Innovation.


Baltic TRAM featured in the EU in My Region photo exhibition

First and foremost, Baltic TRAM was featured in the launch of the EU in My Region photo exhibition during the European Week of Cities and Regions 2018 held in Brussels. The EU in My Region photo contest took place during the summer 2018. The European Commission’s Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy invited permanent EU residents and residents of the pre-accession countries to submit photos showing EU-funded projects within the EU member states or the candidate and potential candidate countries.

In view of the CBSS aspirations to “join efforts to increase the visibility of the Baltic Sea Region as a leading science/research/innovation area both on a European and a global scale”, Baltic TRAM remains ready and capable to continuously follow-up on this commitment through various outreach and promotional activities. The EU in My Region photo contest offered such a window of opportunity to showcase the developments of Baltic TRAM as an integral part of the Baltic Sea Region being the leading innovation area within the EU.

The Baltic TRAM submission (see the cover photo) for the EU in My Region photo contest is a caption of a site visit at SOLARIS National Synchrotron Radiation Centre in Kraków organised during one of the latest Baltic TRAM meetings. It is a good visualisation capturing Baltic TRAM´s joint curiosity and readiness to explore in more nuances what potential analytical research facilities across the Baltic Sea Region offer to the EU-based small and medium-sized enterprises. Together the Baltic TRAM project partners have succeeded in implementing three insightful open calls for businesses, which no entity on its own would have succeeded to accomplish in a similar macro-regional breadth and scope.


In the spirit of "Better Together"

Consequently, Baltic TRAM has sought to pursue the “Better Together” spirit by inviting new European stakeholders – attendants of the Digital Infrastructures for Research 2018 held in Lisbon – to its discussions organised next month in Brussels. Hopefully, the title “The Baltic Sea Region – A Science Powerhouse” of the Brussels conference will resonate not only among the EUSBSR audiences, but will inspire other Europeans less familiar with the specifics of macro-regional governance to join the debates closely tied to the EUSBSR objective “Increase Prosperity”.

Last but not least, Baltic TRAM is not just a project which is a subject of regular conference discussions. Baltic TRAM is also a great group of diverse actors from the Baltic Sea Region, to whom the project is a good source of insight how the key European and macro-regional initiatives unfold and what value added do they bring to the society. One of the latest examples of such examination is the article “Baltic Sea Region-wide Research-Business Cooperation: What Benefits For Sparsely Populated Areas and Smart Specialisation?” co-authored thanks to the fantastic responsiveness of Ninetta Chaniotou. In the spirit of Baltic TRAM open science, the article published in the European Structural and Investment Funds Journal (EStIF) Issue 3/2018 (Vol. 6) on Rural Development is made available to all readers keen on exploring smart specialisation developments, especially in light of the forthcoming 10th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR.






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