Following the Routes4U call for proposals, six grants are awarded to Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe' projects designed to strengthen the four EU macro-regional strategies: the Adriatic-Ionian (EUSAIR), the Alpine (EUSALP), the Baltic Sea (EUSBSR) and the Danube Region (EUSDR).

The Hansa for EUSBSR

Within the area covered by the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) there are 59 Hanseatic cities that share a common history and a common cultural heritage, dating back to medieval times. One aspect of this cultural heritage is locally produced food.

Hansa is considered the strongest brand for cultural tourism in the Baltic Sea Region. The typical Hanseatic city is a small city with economies that do not permit development of the potential for cultural tourism on their own: grants are needed to strengthen the visibility of the cultural heritage and make it known through efficient cultural cooperation with other Hanseatic cities in the Baltic Sea Region.

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