The second call for the Interreg BSR Seed Money is open from 5 November 2019. Interested applicants are welcome to submit their applications until 9 December 2019

Seed money is funding provided by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme to support the preparation of projects in line with the Action Plan of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). With seed money support projects can be prepared for any funding source available in the region.

The seed money application procedure consists of two steps:

Step 1:  Pre-selection by EUSBSR Policy Area and Horizontal Action Coordinators

  • Call open: 5 November 2019 
  • Submission of draft applications to the relevant Policy Area or Horizontal Action Coordinator (PAC/HAC)s by 9 December 2019 
  • Pre-selection by PACs/HACs: 20 January 2020

Step 2: Submission of seed money applications to Interreg Baltic Sea Region (only applications pre-selected by PACs/HACs)

  • Submission of applications to the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat via online system by 23 March 2020
  • Selection of seed money projects by the Monitoring Committee: June 2020 

Applicants have to take into consideration that the EUSBSR Action Plan is currently under revision. The revision process might not be finalised during the seed money application phase. As the project ideas have to be in line with the revised Action Plan and have to meet the expectations and needs of the relevant policy area or horizontal action, it is highly recommended to discuss the project ideas and their contribution to the revised Action Plan with the relevant PAC/HAC as early as possible.

To get in touch with Policy Area and Horizontal Action coordinators, find the contact information here.


Action Plan revision & HA/PA priorities

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