What is the status of the revision process?

The revised version of the Action Plan was approved by the EUSBSR National Coordinators' Group in their meeting on 29-30 June 2020 and in a silent procedure on 30 June - 3 July 2020.

The NC Group’s approved version was conveyed to the European Commission for a final approval in the Commission‘s internal procedure.

After the internal procedure has been finalised, the Action Plan will enter into force and it will be published as a Commission Staff Working Document (SWD).

The Commission’s procedure may bring some changes in the Action Plan. However, the NC Group approved version can be used as the basis for embedding and other planning.


What to expect from the revised Action Plan?

  • The revised Action Plan is more focused, 14 Policy Areas cover 44 Actions.
  • Horizontal Actions Capacity, Climate and Neighbours will be mainstreamed in all Policy Areas. Horizontal Action Spatial Planning will become a Policy Area.
  • The aim is that Policy Areas tailor-make the implementation of climate work and neighbourhood cooperation in ways that are the most efficient for each PA.
  • The Action Plan increases stakeholders’ ownership by providing clear roles and responsibilities, effective decision-making and reinforced results-orientation.
  • Communications and capacity building are consolidated with support from the Baltic Sea Strategy Point.
  • The Baltic Sea Strategy Point (BSP) is a function providing administrative and technical support for EUSBSR management, development and communication.


Interim period until the Baltic Sea Strategy Point is up and running (January 2022)

Due to the late stage of the current financing period, new project calls for the interim period cannot be opened. The NC Group decided to propose an enlargement of the Let’s Communicate! project, in order for it to ensure the most essential support for EUSBSR stakeholders before the Baltic Sea Strategy Point (BSP) is up and running.

The tasks of the enlarged Let’s Communicate! project in 2021 will be EUSBSR communications, coordination of targeted capacity building, and sharing knowledge and best practices between PAs as regards addressing climate change and cooperation with neighbouring non-EU countries.

The Baltic Sea Strategy Point will be a separate process from the enlargement. The NC Group will prepare an open call for proposals for the BSP.


Find the NC Group approved Action Plan as attachement.