The CBSS Project Support Facility was created to co-finance projects around the Baltic Sea Region to foster sustainable partnerships.

The 2021 Project Support Facility call will open 15 February. The call is dedicated to Innovative solutions for strengthening resilience by promoting inclusiveness and protection of most vulnerable societal groups in the BSR during a period of crisis. 

General information about the Project Support Facility:

  • Projects must involve partners from at least three CBSS Member States including a lead partner. 
  • The maximum amount of co-financing granted is 65 000 euros. 
  • The project proposals may be initiated by individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, associations and companies in the CBSS Member states, as well as members of CBSS Expert Groups and CBSS Networks. 
  • The granted projects should have the potential to become a basis for a network, partnership or cooperation model that would become viable beyond the duration of the project life itself.