A new format of working in the EUSBSR was introduced on 4 February 2021 when the first Coffee with the Presidency took place online. It was hosted by the Chair of Presidency, German National Coordinator, Simon Stermann

This monthly, rather informal meeting aims to foster an open and regular exchange between the National Coordinators Group and the Policy Area Coordinators. The meetings will address relevant topics to support stronger networking and more effective exchange between the Policy Areas (PAs), to give coordinators the opportunity to share their experiences with the progress and results of their work and to demonstrate synergy effects.


First meeting focused on funding

The first meeting focused on funding and embedding. A macroregional tool to find funding, The EuroAccess MacroRegions Database, was presented by Michael Gansch from EuroVienna.

The EuroAccess is a free online information and search tool to support the optimal use of existing funding opportunities to improve economic, social and territorial cohesion in the European Union Macro-Regions. The platform provides information on various programmes as well as on ongoing calls related to these programmes. Information is available for all four macro-regions and beyond.

Download this file (Webinar EUSBR_euroaccess.pdf)Webinar EUSBR_euroaccess.pdf 1378 kB