Mr Tarmo Ots, the Policy Area Coordinator (PAC) of the Policy Area (PA) Transport was invited to the meeting of the Expert Group of Sustainable Maritime Economy (EGSME) of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS). The meeting took place on 11th May in Oslo and was organised jointly by the CBSS Secretariat and Norwegian chairmanship in EGSME - Ministry of trade, industry, and fisheries.

EGSME focuses on the Baltic Sea Region’s maritime economic growth potential at the same time taking into consideration the importance of protecting marine ecosystems. EGSME has dedicated a major part of its activities on Green Shipping, and it has long experience of cooperation in that field with the representatives of Nordic and Baltic shipping sector. This approach is in line with Action 2 (Development of measures towards climate neutral transport) of PA Transport and shows that PA Transport and CBSS expert group share similar aims. Therefore it would be essential to consider tightening partnership between these two undertakings as it helps both sides to increase possibilities to promote their values for a larger group of stakeholders and increase the efficiency to implement their strategic goals.

Coordinators of PA Transport sincerely thank Ms Daria Akhutina, Senior Adviser for Sustainable & Prosperous Region from the Secretariat of CBSS for the kind invitation to participate in the meeting.


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