Checklist: what contents should be available on a PA/HA website?

In all content production, remember to convey the main message of the EUSBSR, the one about togetherness and cooperation: we are better together! 

1) Basic information about the EUSBSR and the Policy Area/Horizontal Action concisely.

Think of it in journalistic terms, with 5 W's, for instance:

  • What (is the EUSBSR and its Policy Area/Horizontal Action in question)?
  • Why (do they exist)?
  • Who (are involved)?
  • Where (does it all take place)?
  • When (did it all begin and/or does something happen)?

2) Listing of Flagships and projects/processes

Consider listing both ongoing and completed Flagships and other relevant projects/processes putting the EUSBSR into practice. Remeber to add links for more information. 

3) Funding

It is a good idea to communicate in few words how it is possible to apply for funding under the Policy Area/Horizontal Action field.

4) Contact information

The contact information of Policy Area/Horizontal Action Coordinators should be easily available on the website. Link to the contact information at the EUSBSR website can also be linked.

5) Links to further information

At least the EUSBSR website should be linked to provide further information.


+ If resources allow:

- Event calendar to provide information on upcoming events.

- Blog to share information, for instance, on the progress of flagships.


For inspiration and comparison: websites of EUSBSR Policy Areas and Horizontal Actions listed

Below is the list of the websites of each EUSBSR Policy Area and Horizontal Action.


PA Nutri

PA Hazards

PA Bioeconomy

PA Ship

PA Safe


PA Secure

PA Tourism

PA Culture

PA Innovation

PA Health

PA Education


PA Energy

PA Transport


HA Climate

HA Capacity

HA Neighbours

HA Spatial Planning (HELCOM & VASAB)